Making a Long Story Short...

To qualify contestants must be employees of registered companies.
Participants must remain an active employee of the company by the end of the competition in order to qualify.
Each trip (1 trip = 1 point) must be logged into the system ( and must have a corresponding GPS record (any smartphone application or sport tester can be used).
The minimum length of any given trip for runners and walkers must be at least 1 km. For those who use any kind of tool for their transportation (kick-bike, bike, rollerskates..) the minimum length is 2km; and the maximum number of points is 10 per week.
The main criteria used for evaluation will be the number of points (trips). There are awards for reaching certain milestones (nr of points – 10/40/70/100/130) and evaluation at the end of the competition for final prizes in 3 categories bronze, silver and gold medal (100~149, 150~199, 200+ points/trips).

Participation in the competition is at everyone’s own risk.

Competition start 2022-09-19
Competition end 2022-10-09

...And detailed rules


Each company is registered for the competition by an administrator. Once the company's account is created, the individual contestants can create their own user accounts using their company email address (personal email addresses are not valid!). It is possible to sign up anytime during the competition.

What type of transportation can I choose?
Walking, running, cycling, using a scooter (kickbike) or roller skates are all valid modes of transportation for this competition. You can combine them as you wish (each trip - different activity).

What are the traveling conditions?
Number of tracks are limited to 2 per day as follows: To and from your place of employment; keep in mind that one way cannot be shorter than 1km for runners and walkers or shorter than 2 km for other activities.
One way = one point.

Considering a 5 day work week, regardless of which days you work (and whether it incorporates a weekend or not), the maximum number of ways/points cannot exceed 10.

Please note that circumstances such as leaving the office for lunch does not constitute a trip. This rule will be randomly checked. Any violation of this rule will result in penalization of contestant by penalty of 10 points from his/her point account. In case of repetitive violations, the contestant will be disqualified from gEKOn.

How to track your way
Each trip must be logged on under the contestant's account. Contestants are obliged to record the trip via his/her preferred mobile application (Endomondo, My Walk etc.), or by using sport tester (Garmin, Suunto Movescount, Fitbit etc.). In other words – for each logged trip there must be a matching GPS recording available (with the same date, same direction of the trip, same length of the track – and no rounding up or down of numbers). The main application/system used is to be specified in the users profile, but contestant can use various apps or systems if needed. However, the need to have a GPS record for each individual trip stands.

Any discrepancy discovered during random checks or while checking winners during the final evaluation will result into deletion of the trips for which GPS record cannot be provided. In case of repetitive issues contestant may be penalized by 10 point “yellow card” or disqualified from gEKOn.

The trip record can be entered within 20 days from the day of the trip. The same is valid for trip record modification.

What is going to be evaluated?
1. Ongoing evaluation
a) Achievement of 10/40/70/100/130 points (each milestone is awarded by prize)

2. Final evaluation
a) Total number of points (trips) across all the companies
In this category the performance of individuals from all the participating companies will be evaluated. The contestants will be awarded in 3 categories bronze, silver and gold medal (100~149, 150~199, 200+ points). Random draw will be used to establish the winners.

b) Total number of points per each participating company – best company award
Number of points will be counted from the number of active contestants; in this manner the score will be fair for smaller companies as well. An active contestant is defined as somebody who has at least 5 trips in the last month.
First 3 companies are to be awarded.

c) The total number of points in the Donation collection
For each Donation milestone achieved 1 point will be added to the Donation collection. In case 50% of all possible Donation points (= number of participants) is reached, a grant $2000 will be donated to nonprofit organization. In case only 40% of all possible Donation points is reached, a grant $1000 will be donated.

d) Longest individual trip in each category
In this category the performance of individuals from all the participating companies will be evaluated. The contestant with the longest individual trip in each category will be awarded with Power gEKOn award