Question: Why is the event called gEKOn?
Answer: It is a shortcut formed by connecting "go ecological + go economical" and because gekon (gecko) is an interesting animal :)

Q: Why is it required to use the application?
A: Using the application will help to ensure credibility of achieved results and therefore credibility of the event itself.

Q: Why is not the evaluation of results every month?
A: It is possible to obtain gifts / prices for achieved points continuously, but total evaluation will be at the end of the competition. We take outages during summer vacation, illness or business trip into consideration.

Q: Can I count the points also during my trips to / from work also during the weekend?
A: Yes, if total amount of points in the week will not exceed 10.
(It means 5 working days to and from work, 5x2 = 10)

Q: I usually take my daughter to school using public transport. After that I run / walk to work. Can I track this trip?
A: Yes, if the distance is 1 km and more. The purpose is not to get to work FROM HOME, but to GET TO WORK using any other method than a car or public transportation

Q: If I do not go straight home after work, but for example to a pub with my colleagues / friends, can I track this trip?
A: Yes, if the distance is 2km and more. The purpose is not to get HOME from the office, but to leave the office using any other method than a car or public transportation.
It is totally OK if I cycle from work to play badminton (distance is 2km and more) and after that I will go home.
It is also OK to run/walk/etc to a pub after work (distance 2km and more) and use MHD to get home from the pub.

Q: I am asked to provide GPS recordings due to milestone achievement or random control. What should I provide?
A: If You received a request, please provide either link to public record (based on what app/device you are using) or a screenshot of the record. Few examples below.
Sport Tracker Google timeline

Q: My business email has change, what to do?
A: The email address cannot be changed from gEKOn portal. All you have to do is to send request to your company contact to update your email address.

Q: How to fix incorrectly submitted trip with wrong date or direction?
A: Simply delete the record and submit new one with correct settings. To delete the record locate it in the list of records and click on the [x] button. If no button is available then the record is too old to be managed.

Q: Can I record my trips for gEKOn even though I don't want to manually track my trips in a special application?
A: If you have a smartphone, you can! Just open the Google Maps application on your Android phone or iPhone, go to Your timeline in the menu and turn on the Location history. You can always check your trips to or from work on Google Timeline and then record them on gEKOn.
This feature will store your GPS records that you'll need to provide to your gEKOn admins during the random checks.