Milestone awards

10 points Congratulations! You just reached 1st milestone! You will receive a gEKOn hexagon sticker.

40 points Congratulations young turtle padawan! To support you in your free time you will receive a nice form.

70 points Quite a sportsman you are! You just added 1 point to Donation collection for nonprofit organization Společnost pro ranou péči and award from previous seasons on your own choise.

100 points Fast as a gazelle, and equally that elegant! 100 points, that is at least 200 km alltogether! You certainly deserve an award for that - a practical gEKOn buff neck warmer.

130 points You have reached maximum reward - we are impressed. Just got a first aid pack for your adventures! Onward to grand finale and good luck!


Legend: each point = 1 logged trip from/to the office. Each trip must have appropriate GPS record logged in some application/device.

Final awards

Individual prices. Random draw will be used to establish the winners in each category.
Gold medal category (200+ points/trips)

Will be updated soon!

Silver medal category (150-199 points/trips)

Will be updated soon!

Bronze medal category (100 - 149 points/trips)

Will be updated soon!


Will be updated soon!