Společnost pro ranou péči


Association for Early Intervention is a non-governmental organization, which provides services, support and help to families with vision and multiple handicapped children. Association for Early Intervention was established in 1997. It follows up professional services provided in former centres, which worked with families with vision and multiple handicapped children since 1990.


The main aim of organization is to provide field (mobile) services to families with disabled children in their natural (home) environment within the Czech Republic.


„Association for Early Intervention provides professional services and consultations to families, which care for disabled children and children with threatened development. We accompany families in their difficult life situation and help them to be able to raise children in their natural environment.“


Families with disabled children and children with threatened development have enough support and professional service to raise the children in their early age in their natural environment.
Parents (caring persons) of disabled children and children with threatened development have immediate information, support and professional service. Parents (caring persons) feel qualified to educate and support development of children with handicap or threatened development.
Families with disabled children and children with threatened development are partners to professionals; they participate in making decisions about required support and services for themselves and for their children.
The public, professionals and comunities are aware that disabled children have the right to be raised inside their families and that is why the families need to obtain the support from the society.

Clients and services

The sevices are intented:

  • to families with vision and vision-combined handicapped children from their birth till 7 years of age
  • to families with children with threatened development in vision scanning as a result of abnormal development from their birth till 7 years of age
Some officies provide additional services:
  • to families with physical, mental and multiple disabled children including children with PAS from birth to 7 year age
  • to families, which became foster parents
  • to families, who care or preparing to care for a child with threatened development. (A child with threatened development means a child, who is threatened in its physological and social development. The development is threatened as a consequence of a risk as a result of an unsuitable environment.)


If I can change and you can change, everybody can change.


Apart from gEKOn, the organization is completely dependent on the help and support of other organizations and individuals. The most challenging aspect is obviously finance. If you would like to support Společnost pro ranou péči, please send your donation to the following project: darujme.cz.

However there are other ways of support. You can become a member or volunteer. If you wish to participate please contact Společnost pro ranou péči via their website www.RanaPece.cz or ask your gEKOn team.