It’s all about getting hit hard, and still moving forward

It’s more than just 100 stories and 100 hits; it’s mainly about 100 successful attempts to stand up and face destiny.

It’s helping those who can hardly move, to move forward.

It’s about handbikes for handicapped children.


Not you or me can hit as hard as life hits.


Černí koně – "Black Hores" is a non-profit organization that manufactures handbikes for disabled children founded by Tomáš Pouch in 2008. Tomáš lost his leg as a child. Besides Tomáš there is a couple of other people with similar handicaps in the organisation.

We decided to support Černí koně, because it is the only manufacturer of bicycles of this type in the Czech Republic and most likely also in Europe. The purpose of Černí koně is not just the production of special wheels. The organization is also involved in many activities that help to contribute to the debate on the integration of disabled children into society.

Černí koně is:

  • producing handbikes,
  • renting them,
  • organizing competitions,
  • conducting educational debates & tours.

The world is not all about sunshine and rainbows; It’s also about


50 handbikes were given to children and to rehabilitation centers for free.

One speed handbike with a torpedo brake that adjusts to the rider's size. We offer either a classic seat and armrests or a seat.

The handbike, which thanks to the sliding leg holders and adjustable backrest adapts to the riders up to 160cm. It is equipped with two brakes and a seven- speed gearbox that allows for on-site shifting.

A wheelchair that facilitates wheelchair training. It is suitable for home. Mount the legrests as needed.


If you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you’re worth; join


More than 350 activities have run since the foundation.

A tour of both handicapped and non-handicapped cyclists across cities in the Czech Republic, which all families could join; promoting sports, safety in sports, to change the perception of the handicapped and to tell people that no matter what happens in life, there is always a chance to live a full-fledged life.

Gala evening HandiCUP
a race for people with handicaps - on a bike, handbike, or wheelchair; and a gala evening.

Wind in the hair
the long-term aim is to provide each handicapped child with a handbike, to help them move and to feel the wind in their hair.

Planned activities:
Family day in Prague
Gala evening at the Centre of Physical Medicine of Prague, Chodov,
2019 European roadshow

If I can change and you can change, everybody can change.


Apart from gEKOn, the organization is completely dependent on the help and support of other organizations and individuals. The most challenging aspect is obviously finance. If you would like to support Černí koně, please send your donation to the following bank account: 264 550 436 / 0300.

However there are other ways of support. You can become a member or volunteer. If you wish to participate please contact Černí koně via their website www.CerniKone.cz or ask your gEKOn team.