Hey gEKOner!

As we promised some time back, we are coming to you with a competition to get you moving.

If you feel like your home office walls are already closing in and couch pillows started talking to you, we have prepared something to change it.
From Sep 16th till Sep 30th a competition will be held. Did you know that we start the same day as European Mobility Week?
And you can join gEKOn challenge with whatever activity you like to do. Whether it’s fitness, taking a walk or if you are a parent working out with your kids, you shall join us in the “Back to work shape!” competition!

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How to compete?

  • Register with your company mail
  • Record your activities during this period using any sport/fitness app and upload it on gEKOn webpage (but max. 2 trips/activities per day)

How many points to reach?

  • Only 10 points!

What are the conditions to get an activity counted (get 1 point)?

  • Walk/run trip with min. distance 1 km – 1 point
  • Bike/kickbike/skateboard/roller skates trip with min. distance 2 km – 1 point
  • Fitness/workout/... activity with min. duration 30 min – 1 point (inserted as 1 min = 1 km)

What can be your prize?

  • 1 of 5 packages full of merchandise from companies in Technology park and some healthy goodies to reward yourself

So, do not hesitate and get back to shape with us!

Your gEKOn team